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The Greatest Transformations & What You Can Do This Year to Improve Your Whole Body & Brain Health with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist. For more than four and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events.

Mr. Robbins is the author of six international bestsellers, including the recent New York Times #1 financial bestseller, MONEY: Master the Game and UNSHAKEABLE, Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars.

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How do you transform the quality of your health to add more life to your years?

I heard a quote a few years ago that said, “A person who has their health, has a thousand dreams. But a person that’s lost their health only has one dream.” Anyone who has worked to regain their health knows how essential wellness is to maintain.

I’m excited to have back on our show world-renowned entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and life strategist, Tony Robbins. He’s with us to talk about his life experiences and discoveries that lead him to write his latest book, Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love.

Fear, uncertainty, and confusion have filled the past few years. But the healthcare advancements are exciting and becoming accessible to everyone. Listen in, as Tony talks about key tactics to transform your body and brain health, wellness, and your agency.

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"It’s amazing how lucky you get when you’re working hard to be a blessing."

Tony Robbins

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The Life Force Journey

  • Tony’s life has been about helping people with the fears that matter most: your body, emotions, relationships, finances, career, business, and spirituality.
  • He’s taught energy, health, vitality, and spent five years working on finance when he wrote MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.
  • One of the things he’s really good at is biohacking.
  • If you’ve ever been to his events, or even watched them, Tony is able to get 15,000 – 30,000 people at a time motivated and energetic for 12 – 14 hours a day.
  • Most people won’t sit for a 3 hour movie, so these seminars require generating an intense level of energy.
  • This led to an organization Tony works with wanting to test his body.
  • They discovered that on stage, he burned 11,300 calories in just one day.
  • If you’ve ever exercised and you get to a point where you can’t talk, that usually means your lactic acid levels are at 4—Tony would reach 18 and was still able to talk.
  • He jumps an average of 1,100 times in a day on stage.
  • Every time you jump, it’s four times your body weight. At 282 pounds, that’s about 1,000 pounds of pressure over 1,100 times every day.
  • He did well in every area they measured him in, but he started to have breakdowns.
  • One of the breakdowns was when he had a horrible wipeout snowboarding and tore his rotator cuffs.
  • It was terribly painful, but when he saw different surgeons, they all wanted to cut him open.
  • But rotator cuff surgery repair time is 4 – 6 months, it doesn’t guarantee return of full movement, and there’s always a risk of reinjury.
  • Looking for a better solution, he met Dr. Robert Hariri, the pioneer of stem cell research.
  • Dr. Hariri sent Tony to Panama for intensive stem cell therapy.
  • In three days of treatment, not only was his shoulder repaired—which was verified through an MRI—his 14 year severe back pain from spinal stenosis was gone.
  • This experience sent Tony on the journey to immerse himself in regenerative medicine.
  • He didn’t focus only on stem cells. He wanted to know everything that exists in the area.
  • Every two years, the Pope holds the biggest stem cell conference on regenerative medicine and Tony was invited to be the clean-up speaker.
  • During the four day conference, Tony met doctors doing advanced research in areas that are 12 – 36 months from FDA approval.
  • Life Force is everything he learned on that journey.

The Science of Stem Cells

  • Stem cell therapy can do some really incredible things.
  • One example is burned skin.
  • Up until recently, if you were burned, the treatment was to apply cadaver skin and wait for the body to heal. It was painful and had terrible scarring.
  • Today, in seven hospitals in the United States, they can take your own stem cells and spray them across the burn, and a month later you can’t tell there was ever a burn.
  • Another example is Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers of all time.
  • He literally couldn’t stand for more than ten minutes at a time. After doing a combination of stem cell treatment, and focused pain control and shifting, he can golf again.
  • There are so many tools available today that can transform your body that are considered alternative—and you want to look for alternatives.
  • Years ago, Tony was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in the base of his brain.
  • It was surprising because he didn’t have any symptoms, and the doctor immediately wanted to perform surgery but it was high risk.
  • Tony sought out a second opinion.
  • A study out of Mayo Clinic found that out of 287 different patients, the second opinion was the same as the first only 12% of the time.
  • That means 88% of the time, a second opinion was a different diagnosis or recommendation.
  • The Mayo Clinic now recommends that everyone get a second opinion.
  • Tony sought a second opinion from people who are the best in the world at what they do and have different perspectives.
  • That’s what you get in Life Force — 674 pages designed to give you what’s available right now.
  • It can help you learn to increase your energy and strength.
  • He also goes into research and technology coming over the next 12 – 36 months that will blow your mind.
  • 25 years ago, it took 13 years and $2.7 billion to figure out the human genome.
  • Now, because of technology speed doubling and costs dropping, it’s $600 to map your genome and it can be done overnight.
  • We’re all code—DNA—and it can now be changed and manipulated.
  • This is the very beginning of the greatest transformation in the human experience.
  • When he wrote MONEY Master the Game, he interviewed the smartest financial people in the world.
  • He took the same approach with Life Force, he took the same approach and interviewed 168 of the greatest Nobel Prize winning scientists and breakthroughs.
  • Everything from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, high performance, transformation, and more is all in one book.
  • He designed it so you can change your life, but you can also help the people you love too.

Health Technology and Advancements

  • There’s a Bruce Lee quote that says, “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”
  • Tony wants to be remembered as a man who loved people and brought them answers.
  • Helping people gives him tremendous joy.
  • He has hats that say, “Be a blessing and you’re blessed.”
  • It’s amazing how lucky you get when you’re working hard to be a blessing.
  • As long as he’s here, he wants to live fully and to touch as many lives, help as many people as he can. And to keep growing himself.
  • In addition to writing Life Force, he began the Fountain Life institution.
  • They have six centers around the United States with some amazing technology.
  • One of their diagnostic tools is a technology that just came out, and it’s one of the greatest breakthroughs in heart disease.
  • It’s called a CCTA scan and it uses AI technology.
  • A normal CT scan is a difficult to read since it’s all gray. From that scan you get a calcium score, and a lot of surgeries and treatments can happen unnecessarily.
  • But it was the best technology available.
  • Now, with AI technology, they can open every single artery and see everything in detail. It highlights whether you have calcified material.
  • If it’s fully calcified, that means it’s healed. But if it’s more liquid, it can break off and cause a heart attack.
  • Tony and his father-in-law went to test the new technology.
  • His father-in-law is nearly 80 years old and while he takes care of himself, everyone ages.
  • He turned out to be in fantastic health, heart wise. But he did have a problem with his hip.
  • Another treatment at Fountain Life has helped treat nerve pain.
  • It opens the nerves up using fluid, and heals the pain within minutes.
  • His father-in-law healed his hip pain in twenty minutes.
  • Tony watched his father-in-law change his perspective and belief of how he could live differently as he aged from those tests and treatments.
  • There are tests and technologies that can do amazing things.
  • A new blood test called GRAIL, that can test more than 35 different types of cancer.
  • There are many types of cancer that we don’t have tests for until it gets to stage three or four, and that’s where it’s tough to turn around.
  • This test can detect stage one for many of these.
  • Whether you want peak performance or greater longevity or pain relief, go to fountainlife.com for more information.

Finding Extraordinary Mentors

  • Tony’s process when it comes to learning is to look for the people producing the greatest results.
  • A lot of people can talk a good game, but not everyone can produce results.
  • He focuses on results and believes in modeling.
  • His original teacher was Jim Rohn and he used to say, “Success leaves clues.”
  • If you want something, study it, immerse yourself in it.
  • When he wrote MONEY Master the Game, he had been coaching Paul Tudor Jones, one of the top 10 traders.
  • Because of that, Tony had quite a bit of financial knowledge. But he wanted to know it all.
  • So he set out to interview 50 of the smartest financial people on earth, including Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and Warren Buffet.
  • He wanted to interview people that started with nothing and became multibillionaires.
  • Tony believes there are 3 skill sets we should all have, and that’s what he looks for.
  • If you’re doing extraordinary things, you’re really good at these three skills.
  • What makes people great and makes every business take off is understanding pattern recognition.
  • If you understand how to recognize patterns, no matter what industry you do in, you’re going to do great.
  • The people who become masters at pattern recognition then advance to pattern utilization.
  • They recognize the pattern and then they use it.
  • Those are the people who go from great to extraordinary.
  • And then there’s the third level which is pattern creation.
  • This is where you literally start creating your own patterns.
  • The people who are the best in the world in any industry have those three skill sets.
  • Tony looks for those people and how to get access to them.
  • At this stage in his life, it’s much easier. When he was writing MONEY Master the Game, he only knew some of the people he interviewed.
  • He would ask people to refer him and only asked for 30 minutes—his average interview ended up being 3 ½ hours.
  • By utilizing a lot of tools, people see the level he’s operating on and want to help.
  • Even though he has access to people now, it was because he immerses himself and learns from everyone around him.
  • It led him to develop a greater base. And that’s what he does with anything.
  • He figured out what the common denominators of all these people with different approaches were and simplified it so that anyone can actually use it and follow through.
  • Anyone reading Life Force doesn’t have to have relationships with these individuals because it’s all in the book.
  • Be sure to check out the unedited, extended episode on YouTube, here.

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  • If you’re interested in learning more about regenerative medicine, visit fountainlife.com.

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