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The New Way of Understanding Autism & Social Behaviour with Dr. Suzanne Goh

How has the diagnosis, treatment, and understanding of autism changed?

In the United States, an estimated one in thirty-six children has been diagnosed with autism. But missing those early signs is one of the biggest challenges parents face. Even though there is a lot of new research, many parents find that once their child is diagnosed, they’re still navigating the complex terrain of autism without a map.

Our guest today, Dr. Suzanne Goh, is a pediatric neurologist who has spent decades working with autism. Dr. Goh’s research led her to develop an innovative, whole-child approach to treating autistic children. She is also the author of Magnificent Minds: The New Whole Child Approach to Autism.

While autism can present its own challenges, it doesn’t have to close more doors than it opens. In fact, with the right approach and understanding, it’s possible to unlock your child’s remarkable potential. Listen in as Dr. Goh shares some of the technology and research that has changed how we diagnose, treat, and understand autism today.

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